Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Eyes Have It?

Well, in this case the eyes don't! I had eye surgery on my left eye yesterday and thought I'd be okay to read and so on today but it's not to be. My new left eye vision doesn't go with my right eye in glasses so I'm dizzy and not focusing well. I get the other eye fixed in two weeks. Hopefully I won't be out of service that long but I am letting you know I won't be doing much in the way of artwork or blogging for at least a few days. The surgery I had was for cataracts and to put in a prescription lens so I can do away with glasses and contacts. Still hoping it's all worth it.


  1. Hullo!
    Big hugs to you!
    You are so brave. I am so squeamish about the eyse, I wouldn't even wear contacts!!!
    Hope all is going -and continues to go!- well.
    Now go and have some chocolate cake. You deserve it!!!!

  2. I am sending you good thoughts! Lisa

  3. Take care. Hope it all goes to plan. Take the time to pamper.

  4. Hi Freebird! I've been missing you. I also think you are very brave, and I am sending you rapid healing thoughts and best wishes for your right eye surgery. Look forward to seeing you on-line again - when it works for you. Hugs, Kim

  5. Best wishes on you recovery!!!

    Won't you optician remove the glass on your glasses or put in a glass with no strength for a cheep prise?



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