Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fruit in Bowl

Wow. It's been a long time since I've posted something. I really have been busy. I am taking several classes but have resisted signing up for more as it got to be too much.
I am in Fallbrook, California visiting my sister. She was called in to work today so I had some time to myself. I sat down and painted this pear in a bowl that was sitting on her table. I'm very happy with it. I went for wild and painted the shadowy white interior with purple. I felt like gray would have been boring and blah. This looks colorful and makes me happy. I hope you enjoy it too.
Done in my journal on watercolor paper with gouache paints.


  1. Wonderful! Have a great visit and enjoy the classes!

  2. Wonderful pear! The 'wild' purple shadow is perfect. Lovely, happy color. I'm another who has been away from drawing for awhile, I tend to cycle through my many hobbies and now I'm back in a drawing phase. (DH is just glad I'm not adding new hobbies :)!) Have fun with your classes!

  3. Lovely colors in the pear. Glad you had a moment to sit down and sketch on your trip.


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