Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Portrait Number 4 and a Journal Page

Portrait number four was done without looking at a reference. I just felt bad and drew that. I think it comes across! Hope you all felt better today than I did.

The birdbath is my sister's. She's moving to Japan to live with her son since she just can't make it in California on Social Security and a part-time job. She's only taking small items with her and although she loved this birdbath, it's too heavy to ship so I drew it. I wish I'd left the writing off so I could make a print for her. When I get refreshed on PSElements I might erase the lettering and print it out.


  1. I actually like the writing on the bird bath drawing. I adds a little extra I'm sure your sister wouldn't mind it being there. But if you were thinking of making a print, it shouldn't be too hard to delete it in a photo-editing programme.

  2. So sorry you feel bad. Hope you are better soon! And I agree with Caatje, I think your sister would like it exactly the way you sketched it!

  3. I hope you feel better now - your drawing really conveys the pain you felt! This is a unique bird bath your sister has! I'm sure you'll be able to easily erase the writing, even with Paint you can do it easily (select the paintbrush, then select your background color following the instructions that appear on the screen and repaint with them, and that's all!)
    I hope your sister will find the life she wants in Japan!
    (and yes, I think I sold the flat - now, to find a new place to rent by november, not an easy task in my little corner of the world - very touristic, highly priced...)

  4. I'm sorry you have a headache! You are such a cheerful, uplifting person, I hope it didn't ruin your day too badly. I like the artwork, though, the way you drew what you were feeling. :)

  5. I love what you're doing with the portrait challenge!
    Feel better!


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