Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day?

Since my husband isn't with me for his holiday I sort of took one for myself! I wanted to try a cake I saw online that said it's the only yellow cake recipe you'll ever need and they are right for the most part. It's not vegan for sure so I need to have one of those too! (My son is vegan and although he doesn't want a lot of sweets, I'd like to be able to give him one once in a while). Now I have to pig out because that whole cake is just for me! I can't ask the neighbor if she'd want any since she is diabetic and I won't want to tempt her so it's just me. I imagine I'll eat most of it though :-)

The Sketchbook Challenge has Garden Doodles as it's theme this month. I haven't done anything for that group in over a year! My how time flies. Anyhow, I thought how hard could it be to take my sketchbook outside with a pen and see what would happen. It wasn't hard. I worked fast and scribbly not worrying about whether the plants looked exactly like my plants or garden and then I added watercolor. It took me about 20 minutes total. If that isn't doodling, what is?

  I think a couple of teacher/bloggers would be proud of me, Laure Ferlita for sketching and doing it fast so I could get it done in one quick session, and Jennifer Edwards who does loose, lively sketches that I try so hard to do sometimes. This time I think I accomplished a lot by getting intrigued by doodling in my garden. I am nowhere near to what these teachers can do but I am learning and beyond enjoying the drawing and painting, isn't learning something we all want to do?

So what did you all do on Father's Day?


  1. The cake looks yummy! Bon appétit! (If I was closer I’d ‘help’ you! LOL) Your sketch is yummy too!

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