Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A New Inchy

This week's theme from Inchy by Inch is Trees. I can do trees. I didn't have a tree stamp and especially not one small enough to do an inchy but I did have a tiny 3-leaf sprig stamp so I stamped it all over the top of my inchy for the tree top. Then I took a fine tip pen and added a few more leaves and a trunk. Colored the whole picture with watercolor pencils and wet it down. I edged the square with a wet watercolor pencil and felt it was done.
Hope you enjoy this little tidbit and wish some more people would join in. You can draw, stamp, paint, quilt, embroider or bead an inchy. They cover all the art stuff you can think of so don't be shy - come on!
I would really like to see some of you drawers and painters do one. I see so much beautiful work out there and wonder how you'd do on a really small scale.


  1. Love this little treee - so rich! Now, here's a challenge to work on a small scale. Maybe I'll give it a try :)

  2. I love this - too cute! I am a big "inchy" maker myself...Last May/June, I did about 150 of them...they are what got my "art groove" going on a daily basis...How can we not have enough time to do an inchy a day! In fact, I kept all the materials on a table by my bed, so I could add a background or a touch when I woke up and before I went to sleep. They're so didn't take much room...and allowed me to layer different media (usually I get too impatient!) :)

    Love your work,

  3. Hi, Freebird! Love the inchy. I can't do much with stamps (they just don't sell them here) but I have been thinking about this more and more of late. Girl, I think you're inspiring me to branch out ... (tee hee)


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