Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fake Journal - Page Seven

I know Fake Journal Month is gone (and I only did six pages for it) but I've decided to keep it going and when I see or think of something fake I will add it to my collection. This drawing shows something so very fake it is hideous.

Now mind you, I am not slamming all TV dinners. I love the Marie Callender meals and both are made by Con Agra but some like this Bangquet are simply trash. Reading the ingredients the chicken patties are made of chicken, soy and lots of other stuff. I don't mind soy. I eat it in my Jack-in-the-Box tacos I think but here it does not taste good and if you look at what you get nutritionally you'll find it quite dismal. Many of the calories come from fat. By the way, the veggies they show on the cover are MORE than what I found in the dinner. I tasted it and threw it away. Really. Marie Callender dinners have lots of real potatoes/rice and vegetables with a small amount of real meat. They are very different items and I was shocked to see they were both made by the same company. Worse, I go to the store and see some old men (they are older than me so they are OLD) buying huge stacks of the Banquet dinners when they go on sale. Can't beat 88 cents can you? Well maybe if you want some food....

This time I used a dark brown Pitt pen and watercolors to paint in my drawing. I didn't think the watercolor would work so well on the inked background but it turned out fine.

Now if you would like to start journaling especially in watercolor and want to not be overwhelmed then try this class I posted about here.


  1. This is making me hungry =) I really like the vibrant colors.
    Oh yeah, your question about those poles in Breaux Bridge, they really are wonky ^^

  2. Gross! That's all I have to say about this :-)

    But a great journal page the trash does make.

  3. Edible food like substances...but a real journal page :)

  4. Oh you are so right on fake food.....I think half the health problems people have now is due to what we eat.
    The journal page is equally healthy and less fat! LOL! It would be interesting to do a series of the fake food drawings....I mean, there is enough of it out there.
    And I know what you mean about elderly people buying this type of food---affordable to the pocket, but not to the body.
    great post.


  5. Your fake journal is very good, and it is a very vast subject, you will need an other sketchbook!
    I agree again with this page, I know it is easy to have these meal but not so good.

  6. I had to laugh when I read about this on your post and then compared your painting of it. You certainly expressed your feelings in both places! nancy

  7. Haha! Food-like substance, but I vote "inedible"!! Gack! But great page! ;D

  8. Eeek, nasty, nasty 'food', but a really great page!!:D!!


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