Thursday, May 13, 2010

Journaling Class Coming Up!

If you've been thinking about journaling and thinking about watercolor with it especially then I would like to send you over to Laure Ferlita who is offering a beginner's and not-so-beginner's journaling class in June and July. The link is here and it looks mighty good. The picture here is one of Laure's and it's along the lines of what she'll be teaching. And don't even think you can't do it! I've taken her trips classes and she is a great teacher. Her classes are loads of fun and worth the money. I am signing up for the journaling classes myself just to have more fun and more guided lessons as I am not quite getting what I want on my pages yet. Will I see you there?


  1. i absolutely love your journal pages! they capture my favorite things - bits of travel and everyday moments - and they are bursting with lots of color. sounds like the class with laure will be lots of fun!

  2. That class looks wonderful. I watched the little video she posted as well. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hello there!

    I'm so happy that you posted to my blog, because I was able to learn about "your" blog!!! What beautiful artwork that you have created! I will definitely visit again. You are such an inspiration! Thanks for informing us about the watercolor class June 1st. I am interested in the class, but don't know if I will be able to get my supplies, etc. fast enough. Will do my best to try.

    Sending ((((love and hugs))))


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