Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day and Painting in Public - Sort of!

My daughter and her family came to visit on the ninth so as to be here for Grandpa's birthday on the 10th. He only found out they were coming on the ninth. That didn't give me much time to get ready but I did the best I could. That means the sheets were washed, bathrooms cleaned and the vacuuming done. Then baking commenced but all I got done was caramel corn (4 batches), Chex snack mix (4 recipes) and shortbread cookies. The dusting didn't get done and no one seemed to mind.

We celebrated the birthday all weekend playing darts (in the garage out of the cold wind) and lots of Trivial Pursuit. They have a new version out and it was one of the birthday gifts.

On Sunday my husband took everyone bowling. I don't bowl since it hurts my wrist and fingers but I did take the time to do some live sketching. A bowling alley is public but it wasn't busy and no one walked by me to even know I was doing any painting or drawing. Still, I was ready for onlookers and I did do the sketching. I enjoyed myself and everyone else did too except for the youngest grandchild who was coming down with a bug.

I'm happy with what I did but I can see I am still sticking to just using mid-values (I'm really trying to work on that Laure)! My family was pretty impressed that I did these in just under an hour right there at the bowling alley.

And I'm a bit late in the day but Happy Valentine's Day everyone! These are valentine hearts my middle granddaughter and I made. Everyone else was out playing darts and after just one heart we went and joined them. We had fun doing them. This morning we all had heart-shaped waffles with strawberries and whipped cream and then everyone left for home. We had two wonderful celebrations together this year!


  1. Woohoooooooooo!!! Happy dance!! She sketched out in public!!

    What do you mean "sort of!??!!" You weren't in your home or studio—that makes it official!! Awesome job!

    And Happy Valentine's Day to you too.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day (one day late)! It sounds as if you and your family had a great time. I always like it when I hear that families play together.
    Congratulations with your public sketches! They are wonderful and document your day so well.
    The Valentine's hearts you and your daughter made are terrific!!

  3. I meant to say "granddaughter" of course.

  4. Great job sketching in public!! This is just the beginning - today the bowling alley, tomorrow the world! I like the way you have journaled your day. Tell poor Julianne that some stranger in Florida sends wishes that she get well soon.

  5. Timaree, I've just started sketching in public. It's a huge step and was very scary for me. I was always nervous someone would walk up during the beginning "ugly" phase and wonder what the heck I was doing, but I'm getting over that. I think closing in on 50 has cured me of a lot of fears! Awesome paintings too...people...especially hard!


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