Saturday, February 5, 2011

Painting My Wall

I have been busy painting a wall in my bedroom/craftroom. I moved the bookcases that you can see here to another wall and that left a brown and yellow wall - ugly! It took me months to get to it but I finally went and bought the paint and did it.

First, I used the paint that is on my furniture for a sample so I could match it at the store. Knowing it was a large area to be done, I lightened the sample a bit so it would read right. Well, I didn't lighten it enough and after getting it on the wall I had to lighten up some of the paint and recoat it. Then I added the squiggly pink lines one at a time till I finally covered the wall in a diamond pattern. I finished by adding blue paint to the top edges where the wallboard had a frame already and painted some really sloppy green leaves on the blue strips to match what I had done on the furniture. I either need new brushes or get back to practicing strokework but overall it turned out. This wall took me four days to do - painting those lines is hard on the wrist. As you can see it matches the furniture I painted several years ago. I think my room is done now. Well, until I need to rearrange my art supplies again anyhow!


  1. It turned out great! And I love that desk~~WOW! What a piece of furniture offset by a beautiful wall.
    I soooo need to paint my studio, and I am just ignoring it because of all the *stuff* I have to move. (it needs some patching too...ugh...)
    Maybe this Spring, when I can open the windows so I don't gas myself and the bird... ;-)


  2. It is lovely, bright and cheerful. Doesn't it feel good to clean and organize though? You have a great space to create in. Love your mirror. Missing you at BAJ but glad you're taking time for yourself and your space.

  3. Only four days???!!! I'm still not done with my walls and I started over a year ago!

    This turned out dynamite, Timaree! Love the pink lines and the way it all ties together with the furniture. It's also fun to get a peek into the inner sanctum of creativity.

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. It looks lovely! You really have a knack for decorating and now you have an even more beautiful place in which to create.

    Almost 2 years ago I rearranged my art studio and repainted. It's a huge job and I didn't even do decorative painting. Maybe next time I should invite you over to "help". :-)))

  5. ...loved seeing your studio! Love your furniture and how you matched the walls to it. You really put a lot of work into it!! really have a lot of art supplies too!! My walls are just plain green in my of these days I might add some vines a few birds (surprise!). :-)


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