Monday, February 21, 2011

Playing Around

I was playing around by first adding some leftover paint to the pages by sliding a credit card with the gold paint down the page and then later adding blue circles. On another day I stamped a red checkerboard pattern in pigment ink and then worried it wouldn't dry so I embossed it with clear embossing powder.

So far, so good but now what? I left the pages open for a couple of days and then saw a post on Carol Sloan's blog
that gave me the finishing idea. I used her tutorial to make my dialog boxes and then filled them with quotes I'd been saving. All but one of the boxes that is. That tiny box got filled in when I realized I had done all the quotes upside down on the pages! I have a tendency to do this upside down trick in many of my journals. I guess I get caught up in what I am doing and stop paying attention to anything beyond the page! So the tiny box made note of my error and now the page is finished.

I really like the idea of doodling an area that can be filled with something later on. Thanks Carol for the idea.


  1. I love these pages! So creative, colorful and fun. And then, that you wrote your quotes upside down, AND THEN, commemorated that in another quote is just pure genius!

  2. Cool pages! It's fun experimenting on the pages : ) !
    Thank you for the dream book advice, I think I'll purchase it!

  3. I came across one of your comments on Carol Sloan's blog and followed your link here. I LOVE your pages. This looks like such fun! I've added you to my blog list because I want to look around some more. I'm in my fifties also, and am just now giving myself permission to spend time drawing and painting. It's never too late!:D


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