Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Drat That Cat

We are back in Simi Valley. It's cloudy and cool but not so wet I can't go out. Once while I was out with Mistress but on a leash, I saw Ashley sitting in the front yard near some bright orange flowers. (Mistress says they are nasturtiums and we can eat them but I prefer her fig tree's leaves back home that she doesn't allow me to eat). I tried really hard to paint Ashley but she is just a fluffy hunk of gray. I also really wanted to chase her down but there is that issue of being on a tight leash, hmpph! When I am indoors I can't chase her because she hisses at me and that worries me just enough to keep me from trying it plus there are other cats in the house and I wouldn't want them to gang up on me. One of them, a black cat, weighs almost what I do or at least it seems that way and he takes a swipe with his claws at anyone who walks by so I don't mess with him indoors or out.

The bird was a different story. This time I was inside looking out while Mistress waited for her coffee to brew. She tried to take a picture of this bird we saw outside just sitting so nicely at leaping height on top of a shovel stuck into the ground (these people are finally working on the weeds) but didn't get her camera fast enough so I painted it from memory for her. Doesn't that bird look good enough for a quick treat?

I sure hope you are all having a great day. I really appreciate you all coming to see my pictures and hear how my trip is going.


  1. I like your kitty painting...it just adds to the "mystique" of a kitty, and I LOVE the spade with the bird on top. That image could be a card..."Congrats on your new home" (or something like that!) :-)

  2. I like the blocks. I was almost a dog too!

  3. Wow! Great colors. Love the little bird!

  4. I like that description: "a fluffy hunk of gray." And, yes, the bird should get a treat!

  5. Lovely :)

    my cat sits and stares at the wood pile in the corner. He saw a mouse, oh, weeks ago, but has a surprisingly good memory and an even greater sense of determination...

  6. All of these drawings are delightful! I especially love the tree and bird. I agree she does look good enough for a quick treat!


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