Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Out Walking

Ah, today was a gloriously sunny, warm day. Just a tad of breeze, enough to carry so many wonderful scents (and a few less wonderful) to my nose. Mistress took me for a nice long walk. She tired out long before I was ready to quit but I have to cut her some slack as she only has two legs to my four!

We walked to a park where just a couple of kids were playing and through a housing area where we saw rabbits. No, I did not chase them. I am more dignified than that - at least while in the city! We saw a lady walking towards us and Mistress got excited. She said it was someone whose blog she reads and from whom she'd love to take a class on making books. Her name is Roz Stendahl I found out. She seems to like dogs well enough but I'm not sure she liked my pink hair coloring. (I'm not always sure I do either as I don't see any others this color although Mistress says there are a few). It was wonderful and when we got home we sat out back and I watched Mistress try to take photos (first she had to find some new batteries and then play with the focus thing a lot). Anyhow, I thought I would paint the lady we met in my journal since Mistress seemed to think it was a big deal. Hope you all have as wonderful a day as I did.


  1. Wow! You met THE ROZ STENDAHL?!!! You lucky girl, you!! You should have gotten her autograph!

  2. Mitzi, Be proud of your gorgeous pink fur! Get your mistress out walking more ;) Love the dainty little flowers in the background.

  3. I like it! First, the shoes are just excellent! And you MET Roz? Woohoo! Or is that a fake story.....hmmmm? Either way, good work!

  4. I like the poodles-eye-view going on here! You're showing us a perspective we might otherwise have missed :)


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