Friday, June 20, 2008

Challenge #2

I have completed challenge #2: draw a lamp. This time I sketched it in pencil first (and a good thing as I had to change me sizing several times), then inked it. Finally, I colored it in with watercolor pencils and went over the color with a water brush.
I painted this cheap $5 lamp to go with the chairs and table I painted for my studio area. I surprised myself with doing this lamp plus adding my stuffed poodle from my grandchildren and part of my craft supply table.
I didn't do realistic shading but I still like the effect. I actually enjoyed drawing this. I figured if I messed it up totally I could always redo it. That took a lot of worry off the project.
I am sorry. I couldn't get blogger to put spaces between paragraphs. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I haven't figured our why.


  1. Very nicely done! I like the way you explained inking also

  2. Yeah, blogger is like that sometimes. I don't know why either. I really like your drawing of the lamp, and the poodle is just wonderful.

  3. Blogger can certainly get on your last nerve at times cant it? Nice the bright pink dog...

  4. Love your drawing, very endearing. Are’nt water colour pencils wonderful?
    I have been using Windows Live Writer to compose and post my blogs, it makes it all a little easier.

  5. Nice going on these challenges..what a wonderful collection you will have...I too used w/c pencils for really intricate thins...nothein like them...especially if youare an the run!

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a are so right about the "free" 10mph over...but unfotunately I was at eleven...I just considered it 1 over...Way to go ,eh? LOL :)

  6. Geesch...I just reread my message sorry for all the typos above...I was typing faster than my brain was thinking...patience...:)

    Should have read: "I too use w/c pencils for really intricate things...nothing like them...especially if you are on the run! "


  7. Great drawing, great explanation. Thanks for sharing, T.

  8. Very nice drawing, and the pink dog is too cute! Loved what you said in your comment about the snail on the Fuji haïku. You're so right!
    Hope to see your challenge 3 soon!

  9. Enjoyed your drawings, freebird, great name, keep on boogie'n.

  10. Glad to see your posts - I have been reading your great comments and am impressed with your depth of knowledge (ie Tyvek)-- I love the sketch it is bright and happy looking - I'm glad you are a member of the edm community

  11. Thanks for the commeny on my blog (pendants for dancers) I checked your other blog tiny beeding amazing!continued success!


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