Friday, March 27, 2009

Folk Art

I don't have the typical drawing and painting to show you today. Instead I have a project I am working on for my newly yellow-painted kitchen. I have a utensil rack of my father's which I had painted for him over 15 years ago. Since I am re-doing my kitchen and trying for some flow in it, I am going to paint it to match my canisters I am showing here. I figure I can match it by painting the rack a base white (which I have done as you can see) and then using glazes to paint the rack according to my drawn plan here. That way, not only will I have close-to-matching colors and design but even the technique will be similar. I'll share a photo of the finished rack when it's done.

Just thought I'd let you know I am working on something! There are many ways to bring art into our world.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Post!

Hi Everyone. I want to thank everyone with all the well-wishes you sent. It sure is nice to know you are thought of! I'll have to start getting around to everyone's blogs again to see what you've all been up to.
This is an ATC sized watercolor pencil painting (actually Inktense pencils) in which I did everything wrong: even number of hills, even number of trees and bushes, no fading of the hills as they receded into the background and too dark an edge on the hills. So why did I post it and why do I hang on to it? Because I believe in posting some of my bad with some of my good work (no, don't tell me they are ALL bad, please - leave me some dignity, ; ) ,please) and because everytime I look at it I am taken right back to the Simi Valley, CA winter-time hills which were my inspiration! In that regard the picture does its job so I'll hang on to it until I do a better one.
What do you all do with your less than wonderful pictures and drawings?