Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Winnings!

Over on Ewian's blog I signed up for a give away and I won! I am a bit late in saying thankyou Ewian but I do. I picked up the package last week when we went to town. It was fun to open and see everything in person. It came with a nice handmade note card too. I will love using all these items in my various crafting projects. The stamps are so cute and I've really been wanting to try those Neocolor II crayons. Thank you so much Ewian.
Now, if you will all follow that blog link you will see Ewian enjoying her drawing, painting and the EDM group.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hey everyone! I know a lot of you live in snowy
areas but look what we got here in sunny, northern Arizona! This is the first time in seven years that it snowed all day. We've only had a few other snow days and they ended and melted off by about 10a.m. but not today. It snowed all day and now that it's night time it's turned to rain. Our big dog Sarah had fun running in it during part of the day but doesn't want to go outside now that it's dark and rainy. Look at that palm tree - and I thought I'd even throw in a pic of me out in the snow. We were only in the mid 30's so it was cold but not freezing! Lol, I even got a pun in there.

Well we thoroughly enjoyed watching all that white come down. It is such a rare occasion for us I wanted to share it with all of you.

And the last picture if I can be allowed a super amount of leeway is my bit of art here with the few ornaments I found in the house (without going out to the shed and unearthing the big Christmas box) put on one of the snowy trees for a picture. I might use if for a Christmas card next year. For this year, it's just a bit of Christmas from me to you.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Cards

I've got my cards done and mailed. I took part in a card exchange this year and sent the original of this colored pencil drawn card to the person I was trading with (it was a group trade but each person was given one person in the group for which to make a card. That way we could go to their blog to see what they might like and make a card accordingly - a neat way to do a trade. No one knew who would be making theirs). I liked the card so much that I decided to make prints of the kitty and glue them onto cards I made with Elements which I am learning how to use.
Originally these were all going to be red cards with green envelopes but I goofed so many times on my layout of the words I ran out of red cardstock. So now I have red cards with green envelopes and green cards with red envelopes and the recipients won't know it was due to mistakes. The envelopes are handmade out of Dick Blick construction paper. It is actually a nice 80 pound weight craft paper and I don't think they call it construction paper anymore. The colors and feel of it are great. I recommend everyone try it for crafting. I think you'll like it.
Hope you are all busy getting ready for your holidays be they Christmas, Hannukah or Kwanzaa. It's good to celebrate something especially when times are not so good.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A New Inchy

This week's theme from Inchy by Inch is Trees. I can do trees. I didn't have a tree stamp and especially not one small enough to do an inchy but I did have a tiny 3-leaf sprig stamp so I stamped it all over the top of my inchy for the tree top. Then I took a fine tip pen and added a few more leaves and a trunk. Colored the whole picture with watercolor pencils and wet it down. I edged the square with a wet watercolor pencil and felt it was done.
Hope you enjoy this little tidbit and wish some more people would join in. You can draw, stamp, paint, quilt, embroider or bead an inchy. They cover all the art stuff you can think of so don't be shy - come on!
I would really like to see some of you drawers and painters do one. I see so much beautiful work out there and wonder how you'd do on a really small scale.