Monday, May 24, 2010

Organic Fruit

I finally drew the fruit my son sent me for Mother's Day. I had a little oops moment. Perfection just seems to shout out against me, lol. The rest of it came out okay and I now have a record of the fruit besides a photo. I used Caran 'd Ache crayons for the color and Pitt pens for the ink.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Imaginary Trip to England

It's been another fun trip with Laure Ferlita. This time we went to England and what a comprehensive trip we had! We went to some pubs of which I painted my favorite. We went to a national park in Wales called Snowdonia. Touring some interesting neighborhoods was part of our trip as you can see by the house and castle doors I've painted. Seeing some historical stuff like a ruined abbey and Stonehenge were even part of the trip as going to the palace and seeing the changing of the guards.

Exciting and I learned so much about sketching with watercolor. I encourage anyone who has wanted to try watercolors but has been too afraid to hop onto one of her trips and have fun while learning. She is starting up a couple of general (no trip this time) classes in watercolor journaling also so click on that Imaginary Trips logo button on the right and join us.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fake Journal - Page Seven

I know Fake Journal Month is gone (and I only did six pages for it) but I've decided to keep it going and when I see or think of something fake I will add it to my collection. This drawing shows something so very fake it is hideous.

Now mind you, I am not slamming all TV dinners. I love the Marie Callender meals and both are made by Con Agra but some like this Bangquet are simply trash. Reading the ingredients the chicken patties are made of chicken, soy and lots of other stuff. I don't mind soy. I eat it in my Jack-in-the-Box tacos I think but here it does not taste good and if you look at what you get nutritionally you'll find it quite dismal. Many of the calories come from fat. By the way, the veggies they show on the cover are MORE than what I found in the dinner. I tasted it and threw it away. Really. Marie Callender dinners have lots of real potatoes/rice and vegetables with a small amount of real meat. They are very different items and I was shocked to see they were both made by the same company. Worse, I go to the store and see some old men (they are older than me so they are OLD) buying huge stacks of the Banquet dinners when they go on sale. Can't beat 88 cents can you? Well maybe if you want some food....

This time I used a dark brown Pitt pen and watercolors to paint in my drawing. I didn't think the watercolor would work so well on the inked background but it turned out fine.

Now if you would like to start journaling especially in watercolor and want to not be overwhelmed then try this class I posted about here.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Journaling Class Coming Up!

If you've been thinking about journaling and thinking about watercolor with it especially then I would like to send you over to Laure Ferlita who is offering a beginner's and not-so-beginner's journaling class in June and July. The link is here and it looks mighty good. The picture here is one of Laure's and it's along the lines of what she'll be teaching. And don't even think you can't do it! I've taken her trips classes and she is a great teacher. Her classes are loads of fun and worth the money. I am signing up for the journaling classes myself just to have more fun and more guided lessons as I am not quite getting what I want on my pages yet. Will I see you there?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers. It's a quiet day for me with my husband still recovering from surgery. I spent the morning drawing this sketch, then baking a Burnt Sugar Cake which I will have to eat all by myself since my husband doesn't like it and there is no one else around. Aw, poor me, lol. Then I went back to my sketch and added gouache. Now, what to have for dinner is the question. It seems today is mostly art and food for me! My son called to say happy mother's day and I am waiting for my daughter to call later. Life is pretty good.