Thursday, September 24, 2009

Saved Stuff

I don't usually put this type of journal page on this blog as I tend to stick with drawings but this one includes old sketches I was trying to find a place to keep when I threw the notebook they were in away. I was working on a page in my journal and needed to put a protective sheet under it to protect from runover. I didn't realize it had something sticky on it which ended up transferring to my journal. Thank goodness it wasn't a finished page but I couldn't shut my journal like that so I ended up sealing the sticky with acrylic paint layers. I added a couple of strips of paper to tie two sketches I wanted to save together and glued the sketches on top. I ended up saving my old sketches and my journal with a page I am quite happy with. I added the hearts and flowers just because I WAS happy about saving the page.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Journal Page

Okay, it WAS too good to be true - what I said in my last post about posting more often. Ah well, at least I am finally posting something new!

I have made a new journal page in which I added some folk art painting. I haven't done any of that kind of painting in several years so it was quite a stretch for me. I like how it turned out and hope to do some more of it. My journal gives me a place to use this painting now that I don't have furniture or other things I want to paint on.