Monday, March 11, 2013

Busy Day

I finally have my scanner/printer at my new home so can upload pictures for my blog easier. I'd tried with my Iphone but last time I had to cancel my post as the pics didn't fit right. I'll get to those pics as soon as I update Iphotos on my computer. In the meantime I have scanned in what I did today.

Today was busy. I went shopping for some natural looking bark and potting soil to plant my new trees before I head back to Kingman for some more moving chores. My back is hurting but my garden looks a bit better and my trees might get to bloom and grow now they are in pots and watered.

My yard is rather atrocious at present. Here in hot Hemet a lot of seniors in the past made their yards non-toil by putting in tiny gravel and having a green spray of some sort cover it all rather like a plastic coating. That is what my back yard is at present except for to long narrow planters so I fixed them up. Hopefully we can sell our old house eventually (not too many people are selling in order to buy what we have which is what was done before the recession when Californians sold homes for great prices and bought desert ranches to keep horses on) and then I can have the yard scraped up, towed away and a patio, cover and a tiny bit of grass for the dogs put in. In the meantime I can enjoy the planter boxes and my potted trees!

I didn't finish painting before it got dark so the one section didn't get done. I didn't wait to post because I haven't had such a good track record of posting lately so took the time this evening to post what I had already.

I've tried to upload some pics from my Iphone photo stream but its not cooperating or I'd show you the real version of what my journal page shows.