Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Portrait - Help Wanted

Well I need some help. I am taking a portrait class, Faces in Technicolor by Sharon Tomlinson. Her blog describing the class is All Norah's Art . This is my very first portrait and I am not really ready for them but I wanted to learn how she adds all the colors to them.

So where I need help is with my drawing. I have pointed out what is wrong with the pictures many of you were asking for help on and I am now asking for help myself. I know the mouth needs a little change which I saw when I was uploading the pics but beyond that, what do I need to do to make this look like my grandson? Your advice is most welcome and needed.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blind (or almost) Contour Drawing

I got the new Carla Sonheim book Drawing Lab for Mixed-media Artists and have done a little bit with it. My cats came out terrible so I am not sharing them. They were just practice really anyhow. Then I saw a lesson on blind contour drawing which is not new to me but I thought I'd give it a try. I didn't want to go find a picture of a giraffe just yet or any other exotic animal so I settled for the dog asleep near me.

I have to admit I looked a few times so I guess this is technically a modified contour drawing. What I like about this kind of drawing is my speed goes way up over trying to do a careful drawing yet I still captured her likeness. When I was done I had a dog in the center of an otherwise empty page so I turned it into a journal page. This was drawn in an Aquabee 9x12 inch sketchbook where my usual journals are either a moleskine purple band or handmade to about that size. I don't normally draw as big as I did on this page. Watercolor added when I decided to make a journal page out of it. The whole page took less than 20 minutes!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Cherry Time

I was inspired by some cherries painted by another blogger at Maoma3 blogwho posted about her cherries and included the nicest little cherry painting on her journal page. I am always wondering what to draw and I just happened to have some cherries too. So, I put them in a little bowl, drew them with a Pitt pen and then decided to use colored pencils to color in the picture as my paper wasn't really suitable for anything wet. I'm happy with the way my page turned out. Hope you are enjoying cherry season too.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

C is for Color

I got the new book The Journal Junkies Workshop. Using a few of their ideas I made this page. I've previously done a page for the letter A and have started (barely) one for B so I decided to do C here.

I used watered down acrylic for the watercolor looking background hoping it would somewhat seal the page. This is done on drawing paper and the paint was watery enough to soak the paper and bleed through to the other side almost ruining my page there. Adding watercolor pencil lines, I had to rewet the paper to blue them out. Then I let it dry and stuck with drier stuff like a photo I took of a flower in my daughter's yard and some butterflies from gift wrap. A little inkwork and I called it done at least for now.

I think my next journal will only have watercolor paper in it. I like painting on the 140# but it's so thick you can't get so many pages in a single journal. Could any of you tell me how 90# paper works for doing wet backgrounds concerning bleedthrough to the other side? I don't mind buckling as it flattens some when the book is pressed close.