Friday, October 22, 2010


I wanted to paint my pomegranate before I ate it. (Hmmm, maybe I should paint it when it's cracked open too)! I grabbed my general journal and used a drawing paper page which worked okay but not great. I'd pre-prepped the page when I was with my granddaughters and thought it would make a good background for the fruit. The biggest problem was bleedthrough to the other side as you can see on the other pre-prepped page (showing my granddaughter that the cheap paints I had in a palette someone had gifted me were better than the Grumbacher ones she was using which is why I promptly ordered her professional watercolors when I got home. Never expect children to do well with or to love doing art if they don't have good tools. It's really worth the expense at this level in my opinion!) so I am happy with my page. The drawing paper took a very long time to dry which is unusual and then I remembered we are in the middle of a nice, large rainstorm :) and so I happily waited for some of the paint to dry but should have waited till it all did. Patience is a virtue and I am working on it! By the way, since I didn't have patience or correct pre-planning, I lost my highlight so I used some gouache that was sitting in another palette nearby to rectify that problem.

I WILL figure out a page that will go with the bleedthrough or cover it up. It's now a challenge page!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Autumn Fun!

Once again, a class of Laure Ferlita's is finished. These are the pages I painted for my journal. Don't you want to try this? A new Fall class started just today. You could join in right now and not miss anything! There are other classes listed on her site too. Check them out. You won't be sorry.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Gosh, Gouache Is Tougher Than I Thought

I found using gouache I'd dried in a palette hard to use for a picture. I've heard people use it this way and some are what I call terrific journalers and painters. So why did I have such a hard time. Well I got splotchiness in spots. In other places I couldn't layer or the color underneath lifted. I ended up accenting with ink to clean it all up. I could sure use whatever suggestions anyone has for using it.