Friday, July 29, 2011

Damn the Rattlesnakes Anyhow

I came home from California today as it was a very bad day for us. Our Brandy was bit by a rattlesnake last night. My husband took her to the vet but she couldn't be saved. Evidently, getting bitten in the nose as our big Sarah dog was is a better place than the fleshy underside of a dog. Brandy was only about 3 years old so we are really, really sad and wishing we weren't living in the desert right now. I know the snake was only doing what comes natural to them for their own survival but it hurts so much to see the dogs hurt by them. My husband almost stepped on a snake when he was out looking for her. That snake didn't make it either but I don't feel so bad for it.

Brandy was a shelter dog who'd been turned back in three times before I found her. She got over a lot of her fears and was enjoying life to the fullest so we at least can be happy about giving her that. It's just so hard; we feel like we failed her even though logically we know we did the best we could. We will miss you forever Brandy. We love you.