Saturday, August 30, 2008

EDM#52 - Draw a Dog

I've drawn my cat and I've drawn one of my dogs. Sarah is a german shorthair pointer. A beautiful, very fit dog as she runs around on 40 acres chasing rabbits and lizards. We live in the desert so sometimes she gets into a bit of cactus. She has made some trails around the property so she gets less than at first but cactus nor a 4 1/2 foot fence stops her from going after the animals. She even went after a coyote once which scared me as coyotes are not out there to play with but it ran away from her so I breathe a bit easier now.
I sketched Sarah while she lay sleeping on the living room floor while we were watching the Sunday news shows. She's a wonderful dog but a little too energetic and strong for us. Thank goodness she is a timid dog.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

EDM #185

I wasn't going to go out of order but I guess if I'm going to just enjoy myself it's going to happen. Pandora was just sitting there when I decided once again I just needed to draw something. I still need to figure out getting the whole of what I am drawing on the page. It's okay to run off the edge if you mean to but I didn't and usually don't. It just happens and that's something I need to learn to control.
After I drew her I checked the EDM messages and found out it was a current challenge. Hey, I'm up that! It may not be the best drawing in the world but it is my Pandora and I'm pretty happy with her.