Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! I am waiting for the fence guy to come and build my gates so thought I would wade into finding my photos (after updating my Windows 8 which got rid of the Libraries so now I have to find things in different places) (oh, and after getting an IOS7 update my photostream isn't being updated anymore either)different places. So, after finding my Halloween picture I am finally posting it!

I was over at Laure Ferlita's blog Painted Thoughts Blog where she shared the witch picture with us. I printed it out on Magic Matte paper which I bought at It's thin paper but strong and does a super job for photos and art journaling! I couldn't help but think of my purple hair for this witch and the sign I had in the front yard so I put the two together and made "me". This is the highlight of my Halloween as I am not expecting very many trick-or-treaters if any and candy corn only goes so far!

  Hope you enjoy your holiday and treats but hopefully no tricks!

  BOO! Gotcha didn't I? Lol.