Saturday, July 25, 2009

And Another One So Soon?

Wow, I've posted twice in a week's span. I sure wish I could keep this up. This journal page was done for an online workshop I am in at the Yahoo group A.R.T. We are using the book by Gwen Diehn, The Decorated Page. This is my version of one of the lessons. I don't always post lessons from classes as they tend to be just that - lessons. But, this one is really just a depiction of where I want to be some day and I keep it in mind in several ways with it cropping up in my journal rather often. I also realized this is all drawn and painted. I stamped the word Treasure and the frog but the rest is my work so I feel like it fits this blog and am posting it.

I used Pitt pen over a pink acrylic wash edging with beige acrylic paint as the base for the map. I sponged on a little golden color for texture in the parchment and added some quick shading. Some of this is water color pencil (most of the color on the map). Once I got started I had fun with this.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hey, A New Post!

I have finally done another drawing. I know, I know it's about time! Goodness where does the time go? This probably fits one of the EDM challenges but I haven't looked it up yet. This is a drawing of a box. My grandson knew I liked small boxes so for my birthday several years ago he painted a box for me and glued pompons and sequins to the lid. I love it. It's somewhat faded over time but I still have it and it sits where I can see it everyday - on my art table.

I saw a picture of some bottles sketched over a pre-painted background over at Genine's blog Broadhurst Street which led me to doing some background pages in my journal. Then it was time to sketch on them. That's when I realized I would have to work in pen and skip all my erasures. That got scary. So I picked this box which is really colorful and went for the penwork without pencil but I started on a plain white page. I didn't want to mess up my prepared backgrounds! Now I have to get up the nerve to just do a sketch on a background. The worst that can happen is I do a lousy job, right?

So this picture was drawn with a Micron pigment ink pen and then filled in with water color pencil. I'm quite happy with it especially since I couldn't erase. I really find shadows hard to do and almost worked my way through the paper to the other side. Thank goodness I didn't as I have a sketch of my cat on the other side. Being absent minded, I drew and painted in my box and THEN checked to see if it would bleed through. It didn't thank goodness.