Sunday, November 3, 2013

My Dog, Biscuit

I cheated! I wanted to do a quick sketch of Biscuit as I kept throwing his toy for him but my inner critic said I would ruin my journal if I put it straight in there so I used a sheet of printer paper. I know, I know, I shouldn't let that critic boss me around like that! Anyhow, I liked how it turned out so added some color. I still liked it so now I had to cut it up and collage it into a journal!
And there it is, all done in my composition book journal where I have pages already painted and ready for something to be added. I think it worked out pretty well but hope I have the courage next time to just go straight to the journal!
This is a photo I took as Biscuit waited for some food to drop while we cooked. He's a bit misshapen due to a too-long back and legs and some sort of back problem he came with so he sits sort of funny. It's cute to me so I took his picture.
Then I decided to journal his picture to see if I could draw and paint this one. I did go straight to my journal this time! Hopefully I will get better with time but I am happy with it right now. I love this little dog we got from the shelter. To think his time was up the next day and the shelter didn't even want us to come see him since he has the weak hind legs! One look and we were smitten. Biscuit is one happy dog. He keeps my cat busy which is good as she was getting rather bored but that's another story for another day!