Thursday, April 2, 2009

Color Test

I bought the new set of Derwent Inktense pencils. They now have 72 colors! I've heard at least some of the colors, are pretty poor in light-fastness so I am conducting my own test. I am putting down a fairly thick layer of each color onto notebook paper using the lines to help guide me (notebook paper will only accept so much of the lead -hmmm, what should I call it - it's not lead and it's not pigment - any help here??). Then I am cutting each page lengthwise into three strips. One goes onto a sunny window ledge, one out in good room light but no direct sunlight, and one strip into a closed book. At the end of a month I will put the three strips back together and we'll see if there is any fading and how much. I will be testing all 72 colors. Stay tuned!


  1. Fabulous idea! I only have the set of 24 colours, so I'll be watching this one quite closely. Then maybe I'll get a few more colours that won't fade away to nothing. Having said that though, most of my drawings done with the inktense pencils remain in a journal. I'm not sure how long they will last without fading. So far they seem to be holding up well.

  2. Great idea! I look forward to hearing the results! I don't have any of these pencils but it would be interesting to see how different colours alter them.
    It's something that I perhaps should do with my watercolour paints.

  3. Cool! Thanks for letting me know about this! It sure will make a difference to alot of us!
    Warmest aloha,

  4. So how did your test go with the colourfastness...freebird...sorry cant find your real name anywhere for me to address you. I have a set of inktense and would like to put it to its full potential

  5. I would love to know your results. I did this myself and posted it on my wall above my studio for a while. I couldn't tell that they faded too very much. I just love the inktense pencils and was so sorry to hear about the fading.


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