Friday, September 18, 2009

Journal Page

Okay, it WAS too good to be true - what I said in my last post about posting more often. Ah well, at least I am finally posting something new!

I have made a new journal page in which I added some folk art painting. I haven't done any of that kind of painting in several years so it was quite a stretch for me. I like how it turned out and hope to do some more of it. My journal gives me a place to use this painting now that I don't have furniture or other things I want to paint on.


  1. I love this page. This is such a sweet little bird!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and helping me to see that my painting is good without words... I was thinking of adding a few words to the white swirls, but now I am thinking it's just fine on its own too.
    Thanks for your lovely helpful comments. I appreciate you!

  2. Love your yellow bird. The folk painting is perfect for this page.

  3. Love the yellow bird with her eye on the bird bath. Love the background as well with the yellow writing. Just right!

  4. Very nice work.
    I like folk art.

    Hoping that you
    will share some
    more of your folk-art
    creations soon.



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