Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sea Glass

I made a new page in my journal celebrating sea glass. I posted it on my general blog but it fits here too. Have you ever found any? One beach by my sister's seems to get quite a bit. (The beach is in Oxnard, CA). Several years ago I would walk the beach with her as she walked off the hurt of her husband of 18 years leaving her. I found mostly brown (guess there are lots of brown bottle beer drinkers), some green and on a rare occasion a bit of blue. I also found some white but that wasn't very exciting. So I made an ocean page with some sea glass on it. I really intended to make the sea glass more dominant but it works this way as you have to look for the sea glass just as in real life! Hint: if you click on the page it will enlarge and you can see it easier.

The picture was made with Pan Pastels mostly. I added a bit of sharpie poster pen and white gel pen for the foam, waves and birds (I wish the birds showed up better too). A touch of colored pencil for shading and Pitt Pen for writing.


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  2. Very soothing and beautiful picture. Love the soft tones and colors. I've lived by the beach all my life, and had absolutely no idea what sea glass was until now (and I had to google it). Go figure.

  3. Very pretty beach scene! I could go there right now :-) I have only found one piece of sea glass and it was brown.


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