Monday, December 28, 2009

Some Pages from Christmas

I've been busy as everyone else has been, with Christmas. I travelled to California to be with the grandkids to I made this first page to have ideas to show them for things we could make while I was there. It was done with Pitt pen and watercolor pencil.
The second picture shows the stars and snowflakes we made.
The third picture is a drawing I made before the last of four socks were finished. I drew it lightly in pencil which was really hard to see on the colored background and then moved to colored pencils.
Now to get ready for the new year and everything it will bring.

Note: I just amended this to add that I found that my knitting page fits EDM challenge #253: Draw your socks. Well this one was for my son but while I was knitting it it was still mine technically or close enough, lol.


  1. Looks like a fun project for the grands, Timaree. I'm sure James loved his did get it finished for Christmas, didn't you? LOL!
    Have a great new year filled with the art you love and do so well!

  2. Crafting with kids always adds to the fun! Happy New Year!

  3. Your drawing is awesome. I just love all the details in the yarn.
    Aren't Popcicle Stick stars fun....In my past life I was a daycare teacher.

    Nice work!

  4. I did enjoy your post - sounds as if you had a great Christmas. Isn't it lovely, making things with grandchildren!

  5. I would love to see the completed socks. The colors you used are great. The Christmas craft page and the popsicle sticks stars are excellent.

  6. Love the page of ideas to share with the grandkids and your knitting.

    It sure is nice to have you as a friend and supporter.


  7. You do not need to knit socks - you drew the yarn and knitting so beautifully - just give him that!

  8. Mary- James got his socks and loved the colors for this year too.

    Tammy, Lisa and Marancat, the grandkids ARE fun and they love to do crafts. I'm happy to help them learn to love art in their early years.

    Neon fog, I should have taken pictures of the finished socks. I just didn't think of it. I will next year!

    Vicki, I am very happy to be your friend and to support anyone who loves their art as much as you do.

    Dan, I have to laugh at that. One year, knowing how much my son loves fruit, I drew him some plums and gave him the picture!


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