Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  I made this picture on a pre-done acrylic background. The drawing was done first in pencil, then pen and watercolor.

  I had scanned in this recipe for candy as my daughter wanted me to email it to her. I have made it every year for many Easters but this year I am not with the kids and grandkids so she was thinking of trying it on her own. This recipe tastes just like See's coconut candy for anyone who knows the See's chocolate shop. Yummy. I had no idea I had the recipe but when my daughter wanted coconut eggs and we didn't find any at See's one year I tried to make some for her. What a delight that it turned out to be just the right recipe! So now, even if the book gets lost, I have the recipe here and in my computer.

  See's had a contest this year online and the prize was a $50 gift certificate. You just had to tell your See's story so I did. I told them they wouldn't like it too! We still buy plenty of See's candy though and for this year I bought a one-pound gift certificate for the girls and their mother so See's is not suffering any by me making this candy.

My husband and I are spending a quiet weekend here in Arizona. He (and I) got tired of me traveling every month to California last year. This year it'll be every two to three months for the most part. I do miss being with the grandkids on a holiday though. Actually I miss being with them all the time! Being as the youngest is now 11, there aren't too many years before they just don't care about being with Grandma on the holidays. I've got candy and ham for the day and it's supposed to be around 80 degrees so it should be a nice day. Maybe I'll challenge my hubby to a dart game since he loves to be outdoors so much and we'll take advantage of the day being not too hot or too cool!

Jennifer Edwards at Drawn2Life is having mini lessons on drawing. It's about drawing your life and lesson 2 gave us ideas on what we could gather as drawing possibilities. Check out lesson one here and lesson 2 here. You'll see my Easter page fits right in. Whew, I thought it would be harder than that. Maybe on a day to day basis it will be so I have to keep her ideas in mind. Hey! I could make a page listing her ideas so I can remember! You could too!

Till later - Happy Easter!


  1. Oh my Timaree...I absolutely love this page! The story behind the recipe, the young girl gazing off into the Easter morn holding her's full of feeling! You certainly have it in you! All you have to do is sit down to the page and "draw" from all the exquisite memories you have with your kids that are continuing to this day. And that' a cool idea, to make a page of the ideas in Lesson 2. You are a dear! I hope you keep drawing and painting. Your friend, Jennifer

  2. Happy Easter to YOU, T.!! I love your sweet little drawing :)

  3. I love your painting, it's perfect for Easter.
    And Happy Easter to you too.

  4. What a lovely paiting. So lovely, fresh and hopeful.

    I have spent my Easter day trying to get Scooter to eat :( he won't eat. He is ok otherwise, so we are hopeful.


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