Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Really Am Here

Hi everyone. I am still moving and don't have my scanner yet. I have done a tiny bit of creating and these photoessays are proof of it. Not a lot but hopefully once I am all settled I will create more regularly.

The stools used to have a green base but it didn't go with the new room they would be in. I didn't want to give them up because I painted them for my dad back in 1994 and he's gone now so I have the stools back. (I am more sentimental than I used to think I'd ever be).

The journal pages speak for themselves. I should have a lot more of them than I do.

I should be getting my red living room couch this month and then I can take pics of what I've been doing to decorate my new home to share with everyone.


  1. Nice stools! Is that the kitchen in the new house? You certainly have settled in! Looks lovely!

  2. Those stools are so pretty! I want one! I want one! I love the red notebook pages too! They just pop right out with excitement and creativity!

  3. I think the stools look great. I also love your journal pages...nice colors!


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