Sunday, August 24, 2008

EDM #185

I wasn't going to go out of order but I guess if I'm going to just enjoy myself it's going to happen. Pandora was just sitting there when I decided once again I just needed to draw something. I still need to figure out getting the whole of what I am drawing on the page. It's okay to run off the edge if you mean to but I didn't and usually don't. It just happens and that's something I need to learn to control.
After I drew her I checked the EDM messages and found out it was a current challenge. Hey, I'm up that! It may not be the best drawing in the world but it is my Pandora and I'm pretty happy with her.


  1. Very nice drawing. You've captured that 'lazy cat' feeling. I like the curled up front feet. :-)

  2. Great drawing! It's the perfect cat pose.

  3. This is good! How'd you get her to sit still? Everytime I try to draw my pets they get up and leave! Thanks for your comments on my keys. :) Marva

  4. I like your sketches.


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