Monday, November 24, 2008

EDM #34 Draw a Leaf

I'm trying real hard to draw every day but find it a goal I am not always attaining. Yesterday Jessica of Cre8it suggested going small. We don't need to paint a big picture to reach the goal of some art everyday. Her example was a leaf.

I've been wanting to draw a leaf and had even brought some in the house but let them sit until they dried out and crumbled on my work table. But since I am working on the goal of drawing every day and being encouraged by Jessica and her sister Cassie I picked up a leaf at the store where we collect our mail. I sat down last night and first did an almost blind contour (I glanced at my paper just a few times). I surprised myself in how closely I matched the leaf's outline but this is a simpler shape than people or buildings or pets so I'll temper my elation at that. Then I picked out some colored pencils and working very lightly, I gradually filled in my leaf. I was really happy with how it turned out and that I spent some time drawing.
The leaf has a bit of extra drawing overlapping the leaf because I am working on a spread that is taking me much more than a week to do but it's coming along nicely and I'll share it when it's done.
The picture of the actual leaf was taken this morning and the lighting is different plus the leaf is now dried out with the shadows and shape changing a bit because of it. It will be a good picture to draw from later and will make a different one than my current drawing.
Many thanks to Cassie, Jessica and Nina (for the weekly spread idea).


  1. You did a great job with the shape, especially for focusing so much on the subject. I have a hard time with that I always want to just look at what is going on on the page and not what I've chosen to draw. Anyway love your drawing and I love hearing your insights about your experience. I feel like I'm sitting in your brain. Keep up the great work!

  2. The drop shadow you added really makes it pop! It's like I can pick the leaf right off the page...

  3. I think you've proven Cre8it correct. You went small and created a lovely delicate piece of art!

  4. This is a great drawing! You're very wise to choose a small project and should be proud of this leaf.

  5. I echo the previous comments about the delicacy achieved, the observational skills that have given the fragile and detailed outline and the 3D effect.

    I love it's mottled appearance. I think I'll be looking for some leaves of my own to draw. I'm looking forward to seeing your larger spread!

  6. WHAT the?
    You drew that?
    THat top one is a drawing????
    I thought that was the leaf...


  7. Wow...that is REALLY nice. I can picture it in an 18th century botanist's journal. Or as a plate in one of those giant books I used to look at as a kid at the library in the Science section.

    This was way before the Internet when you had to go to the card box then go through a couple hundred index cards, try to find the right card and finally hope that it was on the shelf. Sometimes they were special reference books that couldn’t be signed out. You could only look at it while in the library. Now you do a Google search, push your finger down an eighth of an inch on the mouse and wham there it is.

    Therefore, I am Thankful for the Internet which allows for not only instant reference, but also the ability to share with people all over the world.

    You did a very nice job on this!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. Wow, you did a great job here, the leaf with its shadow looks perfect, and very real! Lovely delicate work!
    You said in another post that you didn't use watercolors fearing it would be messy - you should try, I'm sure you'd be great at it, and it's really fun. The colors are a pleasure all by themselves, you want to play with them whatever the result!

  9. Me again! I've sent you a Marie Antoinette award, to pick up on my blog if you feel like it!

  10. Very nice leaf. I tried to pick it up but it was too light...

  11. Wow! Love this drawing you did. Lately leaves are one of my favorite images to put in my artwork.

  12. This is really lovely, Timaree. You ddid a super job on the leaf.

    I think I need to take Jessica's advice as well. There is so much going on at this time of year, art really does get dropped out of the big picture. I'm going to try and do something tomorrow ;))

  13. Hi Freebird,

    I love your leaf - the color and the delicate way in which you painted it.

    Yes, I find when I am overwhelmed, I'll sketch/paint on the back of a business card! Anything to keep us going, right?

    Thanks so much,

  14. What a nice drawing! Very delicate. Sometimes working in different sizes and formats is good to break out of doing the same thing all the time. I do that with my sketchbooks so I don't get stuck in a rut.

  15. At fist I thought this was a real leaf. It looks so good.
    I have wanted to draw every day but have not. I am one of those people all or nothing. Your insights of just a little a day even if it is some thing small is encouraging. I think I may try to take the words to heart.
    God bless.

  16. This is excellent!! I haven't had much time to draw lately... Thank you so much for your comment on my BJP Nov page! :) Marva

  17. HEY~!!! I thought I saw you over on the Cre8it site! :) And you joined EDM!!! I'm waiting until the new year starts, but I'll be there with you then! Yea!
    And what a great job on your leaf!!! Can't wait to see more!
    Warmest aloha,


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