Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Work Space

I've been hearing a lot of talk about messy studios and the need to clean them up lately. I thought I'd post some pictures of my area messy as it is right now.

I'll get it cleaned up but in general I am happy with my space. It doubles as my bedroom or I'd be able to get more shelving in here for more storage for more art supplies. I guess that's where I am stuck right now - where to put the excess away. As you can see, even the closet is full! I could add another shelf or two to the bead wall and probably will after I make another trip to California and then to IKEA. In the meantime I have to realize more than space, it's me who is
keeping my space unorganized.

If anyone wants to share what their space looks like, messy or not, I'd be happy to drop in and see. Some people pay for magazines that show studio spaces but we see some by blog hopping to others who want post. Leave me a link to your blog if you do post your space.


  1. Hi Freebird. I've posted a couple of pics of my little space. Yours is astounding. You do so much and have so much and yet can store it in (what looks to me) like a very organised way!! I love your painted chairs too!


  2. This is messy?
    I like those painted chairs too :)

  3. I love your work full of neat stuff! I just recently bought a 5 shelf bookcase for all of my artbooks...and it is completely full...amazing how quickly they add up, huh?

    Take care.

  4. Oh my, Freebird,
    You don't know messy until you have seen my art studio. I really find your space quite inspiring and gives me hope. I love your blog and will be back soon to make other comments.
    Thanks for sharing

  5. I just want you to know your blog about drawing really inspired me!

  6. I love your space - and I love those chairs, too!

    Freebird, you have more beads than I have ever seen in one place - including the beading stores! And they look perfectly organized!

    Sweet bird up on your bookshelf.

    Thanks for sharing your space. Very inspiring and upliftingl
    ~ Kim

  7. My area neat doesn't look as good as yours is messy. Love your blog

  8. Thanks for dropping by everyone. I just love the company but can't say I'm a great hostess. I try to get to anyone with a question or blog but sometimes I forget (shame,shame) or I can't find you. Meg, you are one I can't find. It seems you don't have a blog?

  9. I love your workspace and those chairs! You are so organised I have everything in one heap and can find everything in a millisecond - once I tidy up, I lose everything! Loving your work :-)


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