Friday, February 27, 2009

Hanging in There

I've done a tiny bit of sketching using the one eye that has had the surgery so far. It's really hard to use both eyes at the same time even if I put glasses on with one lens removed as my eyes and astigmatism are too different so I use one eye at a time. I was waiting for my grandson and thought I'd give drawing a tree in the distance (it was like the ones in the photo) with my new sight. I was pretty happy with the result and can't wait till I get the other eye (my better eye) done.

One more week and I should be seeing more like normal - yay! It's been the pits not being able to do details well in drawing and beadwork has come
to a standstill. I am more than ready.

Is there a tree for an EDM challenge???


  1. EDM#15 is: "Draw a tree or trees, leaves or branches"

    Good job on drawing with one eye!


  2. You draw better with one eye than I do with two! Hope you are doing better. It must be awful not being able to do the things you love. Hang in there!

  3. Not much longer, Freebird. Sending you healing thoughts. I miss you, and I look forward to your future work!

  4. Nice sketch, hope all is well and that you get better soon.

  5. Fabulous tree drawing, Timaree!

    It's nice to know you are mending so well. Must be a reliefto have control over your eye health that way.

    Thanks for your 'Well Wishes' on my site, too!;)

  6. I hope this note finds you and your eyes feeling better. And you sketch is fabulous. I can't sketch trees that well with two eyes. I can't wait until you're back! Best Wishes.

  7. Beautiful tree sketch!

    Hope you're ok :)

  8. Nice tree drawing. Hope you are feeling better soon, not easy to sketch using only one eye...


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