Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Post!

Hi Everyone. I want to thank everyone with all the well-wishes you sent. It sure is nice to know you are thought of! I'll have to start getting around to everyone's blogs again to see what you've all been up to.
This is an ATC sized watercolor pencil painting (actually Inktense pencils) in which I did everything wrong: even number of hills, even number of trees and bushes, no fading of the hills as they receded into the background and too dark an edge on the hills. So why did I post it and why do I hang on to it? Because I believe in posting some of my bad with some of my good work (no, don't tell me they are ALL bad, please - leave me some dignity, ; ) ,please) and because everytime I look at it I am taken right back to the Simi Valley, CA winter-time hills which were my inspiration! In that regard the picture does its job so I'll hang on to it until I do a better one.
What do you all do with your less than wonderful pictures and drawings?


  1. Whoah! Hang on there! This is not a BAD one! I really like it! Bending rules is how we make a style. This is lovely. YUM!!! If you want to be rid of it, I'llgladly go swapsies with you, given that it is an ATC!!!

    My less wonderful pictures?? If photo's they get hung on to. Can't seem to get rid of them. Drawings? Erm. Yes. I'm afraid I screw mine up and throw them in the bin. I screw them up or rip them first so that I cannot change my mind or have it changed by anyone. I am quite merciless on myself!!!

    Hope the eyes are getting better every day!

    Hugs and cake,

  2. I really like it. It's very whimsical. Maybe your eyes aren't seeing quite clearly still ;-) or you're just too blummin' critical!

    I keep everything! Sometimes it's hidden away in my folder, sometimes it's in the pile of 'mixed allsorts' to my side. Some stuff I look at after a long time and I'm actually quite surprised and I see it in a new light or notice how I've improved since.

    I'm currently at work taming my inner critic!

    It's good to see you posting again.

  3. I have looked at three times, and I don't know what you are talking about. I think it's pretty and very tranquil.
    My mess ups? Usually I just flip it over, and use the other side. If that turns out good, I glue stick copy paper to the messed up side. Or I just throw it away. I like to learn from my mistakes, but I don't like to keep them:)

  4. Mistakes are tools of learning. And that is what we do if we are going to become proficent in the art.
    I dont think this is all bad. It kinda draws me in and makes me feel and want to just sit back and enjoy the world and nature that our God made for us to enjoy. If it does that I think your work has accomplished its purpose.
    Missed you Free Bird. Did not know you where sic. Well I have been kinda out of the loop for a while myself.
    Keep up the good work and growing.
    Some things that I have done and I shudder at the thought of showing any one-when they see it they are wow such great work. Then I wonder am I seeing the same as they are or is it that my seeing is filtered through perceptions that need to be changed.

  5. Helena, thanks for the offer to trade. I'll think about it.
    Bubblemunch, I like to look back later too. It quite often surprises me too.
    Carol, I think I ought to try the turn-over technique and the sticky backing is a good idea too.
    Victorious Place, that feeling of enjoying the nature of the hills is why I hung on to this one. Glad to know it succeeded in that regard.

  6. Hi! Got a question for you! How do you like the Inktense pencils compared to regular watercolor pencils?
    I'm so glad you're better & posting all your fun work!
    Warmest aloha,

  7. hi, found your blog via your lovely comments on Helena's blog.

    i do a little painting, and am enjoying soft pastels in particular at present. I dont think you picture is bad either, but know what you mean about it breaking all the 'rules' of bluer to the background, groups of uneven numbers etc. But, rules are there for breaking...
    I also make cards, so, most of my pictures which I am not happy with get chopped up and turned into cards, or I use the reverse. I rarely waste anything, and nothing on proper watercolour paper goes in the bin. Little sections of colour get used in my Cuttlebug, die cutting machine and made into eg flowers!


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