Sunday, May 3, 2009

EDM # 11

I just went through some of the EDM list and realized I had drawn my glasses in March. These had the lenses removed as I was going to give them to charity since I wouldn't be needing them anymore. I was so happy to be without glasses or contacts. I hadn't been free of them since I was 15 months old! When I was that little they sometimes had to be strapped on but I got used to them quickly. When the alternative is not being able to see, you appreciate glasses. (The big E on the eye chart was a blur to me)

This is in my moleskine journal. It's drawn with Pitt pen and filled in with watercolor pencil.


  1. Wow. That must be wonderful to be rid of your glasses! Great journal page!

  2. I actually liked my glasses. I then switched to contact lenses (monthly ones) and I've never looked back (sorry about that pun!). These lenses allow me to follow my lifestyle (mostly with sesports0 with ease. I am glad you do not need anything anymore!:-)

  3. Congratulations! Love your spread! I've just started having to wear glasses full time in the last 4 yrs and they are a drag! By the way, I think rattlesnakes are a lot scarier than bears! Marva


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