Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Simple Journal Page

Just a tiny bit of drawing. This is based on Elizabeth Perry's journal. I saw it on her blog. You ought to check it out for yourself and if you find it hard to get some time for drawing this way might help you out. One little drawing on a spread or page. Well, I put this one on a spread but sometimes I think I will use a page.
It was relaxing knowing I was only going to draw part of my cat and not even the more difficult part - yep, the face. But I couldn't even draw this much before she took off! Really, what is it with animals and knowing when you want them to sit still so you can draw them or take their photo?


  1. Love this!
    The paw looks great. The compositional style is fab (also follower of Woolgathering!)

  2. Good job, that kind of journalling is fascinating, the brains way of filling in the blanks are so fun to explore...



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