Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Pages

I made two pages for my journal. These were made loose to work on watercolor paper which my journal is almost out of. I'll use photo corners or something to attach them to a couple of pages in my journal. My next journal will have a lot more watercolor paper for pages!

Both of these are done lead-free with a Sharpie non-bleed-thru pen and then watercolored.


  1. Sharpie do non bleed thru pens???? Why haven;t I bought that version?!

    Thank you for the message you left :) I am so glad to see you back. I love your pictures. You're so artistic and inspiring. I love to look at other people's work.

    BTW I have a punch that punches and embosses little photo corners. Then you just fold it up and stick it. It's great cos you get to use any colour or pattern of paper for your corners. They are inexpensive here, so if you could use one let me know and I'll get one for you!!!

  2. ....or I could just sit and punch loads out for you!!!!! In 4s of course :) it could be very therapeutic to sit and punch all evening...:D

  3. These are wonderful drawings! I just love the looks of pen drawings with watercolor added.
    About getting the calligraphy onto the background---it is rather involved and took much trial and error to accomplish it. And as in Photoshop there are several ways to do it depending on the image.

  4. These are wonderful. You are so good with these!

  5. I love this dainty little teacup! You did such a great job with the details. And it just looks so inviting...


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