Monday, January 24, 2011

It's Not Drawing But It Is Art of a Sort

I was over at Sheep Rustler where I saw some very pretty handknit socks and it reminded me that I am knitting a pair myself just now. Since I have so little to share lately I thought I'd show where I am in my knitting. Exciting isn't it?

What is exciting is that the yarn is 51% bamboo! Can you believe they are using bamboo in yarn? It feels very nice too. I'm using a lacy stitch for these to dress them up a bit and when they are done, I'll be giving them to one of my sisters. In fact I'll be giving them to the sister who makes these lovely bird houses. She paints a few different ones. I was lucky enough to get one as a gift. Everyone else gets to pay $35 dollars for one. It's fun to share with someone who can appreciate the work put into something handmade.

I am trying to get myself into doing more work in my sketchbook and I really want to get back to doing some beading. Hopefully I'll have more to post soon.


  1. I knit a pair of socks with the bamboo and they are quite comfortable! The stitches slid off my needles a lot, but I would use the yarn again for sure. I have a merino/bamboo blend that is waiting to be knit...working on one of the first year Harry Potter scarves and have knit, oh boy, A LOT this winter!
    Sometimes I enjoy sitting with the needles as much as I do working in the studio.
    Have you tried the two circular needle method for your socks? I finally learned it and WOW! Now I have two that are pretty much alike! LOL!!!
    Happy knitting~~~


  2. Bamboo yarn?! Well, why not, I know they make fabric out of it too! Beautiful job on the birdhouse! You have a very talented family!

  3. I like bamboo needles and bamboo yarn both. BUT I don't really like knitting any more. It's even slower (for me) than colored pencil painting. But your yarn shot is looking tempting to me. I might need to draw it!

  4. I really want to knit socks and keep seeing people showing their sock pictures, its not fair. I hope your sister appreciates them,Im sure she will, I love the bird house, lucky you and your sister. Im not sulking really

  5. knitting project! I have a blanket on my bed that is bamboo. It is so soft and warm. I love it. I also love the birdhouse. Your sister does a beautiful job!!

  6. Bamboo yarn? Cool! I see your sister is talented too. Lovely birdhouses.

  7. I am new to this blog and wondering if you painted this birdhouse. We are taking the valentine class together but I do not even know your name. :-( The birdhouse is really lovely!


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