Monday, January 31, 2011

Playing Around

While making the cards in the Valentine class I mentioned in the last post I made some practice roses and didn't want to throw them away. I kind of get attached to my work practice or not (except when it comes out reeeeaaalllly bad). So, I painted and gessoed and collaged in my practice bits and then filled in with writing. I would have to say this was pure fun. I didn't have any real project or outcome in mind when I started. I just didn't want to throw the roses away. So I played! And this is the result. I'm rather pleased with myself just now. Hope you enjoy the page too.


  1. Very pretty! Don't you love just playing with your imagination? The less planning and stressing about the finished product, the better the result!

  2. This turned out so cool! LOVE the creativity and the fun here. I would never have thought to have done this....

  3. ...this just too darn cool! I'm sort of attached to my practice roses too...this is a great idea. I love it!


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