Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Year Everyone!!

I haven't been around much lately. Been sidetracked by any number of things but I am planning to get back to blogging, beading and drawing, making inchies and perhaps some painting this year. I have seen some new goals on some of the blogs I visit and hope you all attain what you'd like to try and learn and do this new year.
Ready for a toast (it's pomegranate sparkling cider in case you were wondering)? To all the world: May peace win out when we are feeling at odds with one another, may generosity win out when we see those who have little, may joy reign in spite of a dismal economy and may everyone have a wonderful new year!!!!

I'm hoping to get by to see everyone's blogs very soon. I'm back online (my daughter's modem went out while I was visiting) and the holidays are almost over so it's time to get back to my usual routine. See you soon!


  1. Happy New Year Timaree! It's gonna be a fun one! I have a did you get the EDM logo thingy on your site? All I saw in Yahoo was a 'come join us' button. This is way cooler! LMK, K?
    Warmest aloha,

  2. Godt nytt år = Happy New year!



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