Monday, January 26, 2009

Inchy and I'm Back

I am back everyone - hopefully for good. I have done the inchy for the week for the group on the blog Inchy by Inch. The theme for this week was buttons. This is my humorous take on the subject. I fully intended to raid my button box but this is what turned up instead. Done with prismacolor colored pencils. Hope it made you smile!

For those who have left me messages wondering where I was, I truly feel blessed that you were interested enough to wonder about me. I just was so busy leading up to Christmas and then visited so long with family that I guess I was worn out. I wasn't feeling like art or blogging - just resting. Thankyou so much for your concern; it helped, really, to get me back into the loop again.

Now, that I am back to doing inchies, I hope to get caught up on my Bead Journal Pages also. I have actually been sewing down some beads in the last couple of days. Not only that but I ripped out some knitted socks, relaxed the yarn and rewound it ready to knit some socks that will match up in size this time. I drew this inchie and have done just a wee bit of work in my journal but it is a start. I am on the move!


  1. Yes, indeed, you DID make me laugh! Glad to see you're a special person.


  2. Hilarious...glad you are back...keep warm...loved your snow photo...:)

  3. HEHE! That's really "cheeky" LOL!!!!

    Welcome back, btw!!!

  4. You sure have a fun way to look at the world... love it!


  5. Hey you should have posted this also for the edm about drawing underwear!


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