Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Weather

I've just added the weather pixie to my blog. Now you can see what the weather is like where I live (I can look out the door to see what it's like - yep, that sun is shining again!). You can get one for your blog by clicking on it.


  1. I cannot believe the gorgeous weather we are having here...almost way too soon...LOl :)

  2. gosh, it's snowing here, I could do with a bit of sun.

  3. Photo's of our weather on my blog right now, and the stuff is still falling!!!!

  4. It is nice of you to tell us how read your blog through RSS-feed that you put things up on your blog page, we don't see them...

    ... weather pixie: fun to see what kind of weather you have.


  5. Hi Timaree,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog - I am fine in Sydney - the fires in NSW are all fairly under control - not like in Victoria... we are all in shock at how devasting they have been.
    Speaking of weather - please pray for rain to put out the fires!


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