Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Few of My Recent Pages

 These are some recent pages in my journals.  They each stretched me a little.  To start with, my cat was drawn in colored pencil on red paper.  That meant getting my whitish cat to show up and I did that.  I didn't get the blue comforter to look as much like a comforter as I should have but after working so hard on the cat I was getting tired of it not coming out as I would have liked.  What is wrong?  To start with, she looks like she is colored in with a white pencil.  She doesn't look like she has fur.  I did okay I think on her face and it does look like my cat so I am happy about all that.  Also, I did this live with my cat turning her head this way and that and finally shifting even her body position so I feel good that I got her down as well as I did.  When I look back in years to come I am hoping to see that I have improved on her over time!

The next page was done with a pre-done background of a red dry brushed corner added to the page.  It took me a long time to figure out what to fill the page with.  I ended up doing my canary as he sat on his perch.  This was another live drawing but I probably will try for a photo next time.  He doesn't like me to stay so close and I can't see him if I'm not!  Reading glasses only make it worse.  I am happy with him but not his beak.  I didn't really get his whole face right but I have plenty of time to try again.  He was done with watercolor and a waterbrush.  I added a bit of penwork to finish him off as he seemed to need a little something after I added the background.

Next up comes my plastic, thermal, iced tea glass.  I decided to try out my new Pentel Pocket Brush Pen which I have heard such good things about.  Many of the people whose sketching I enjoy use these pens.  It actually is a fountain pen with a brush instead of a nib.  It was harder to draw with this pen over a pencil or regular pen than I was expecting.  The ink wasn't running strongly yet and I thought that was the way it worked but later found it started flowing very well.  Then I learned that I was going to need some practice to learn to control the thick and thin lines this brush can make.  Lastly I learned that on my multi-media paper at least, the ink does not dry very quickly and smeared when I went back in with watercolor.  So...

...I took another page to do some practicing!  I tried to see how it would do with comma and S strokes like I'd use in Folk Art painting.  I doodles little pictures quickly and just some lines, a couple of letters in calligraphic style and just tried to get used to the way this brush works.  I'm thinking if I can learn to control it, I will like how it can make the various lines and marks. 

At any rate, this is some of what I have been working on.  I have been taking a few classes, some better than others.  My favorite again, is the Imaginary Trip to Ireland with tour guide Laure Ferlita.  I'll be posting a few of the pictures later on. 

So what have you been working on?


  1. All your pages are wonderful! Don't be so critical. It's art. It's creative. It's wonderful! I love the colors on the Taxi page. so beautiful!

  2. These are fabulous pages! I am so impressed with how you document your life with art. It makes it even more meaningful I think.
    Your cat is wonderful! I love her! The way you painted her is reminiscent of Warren Kimble to me. Obviously you and I are both fond of folk art.
    Looks like you are already gaining control of your new pen.
    Lovely work. I look forward to more.

  3. All very creative pages, Timaree! I liked how you challenged yourself differently in each one. Have a great time in the Ireland class!

  4. I love what you've been working on, and how can you NOT completely love your painting of Pandora. It is sweet, sweet, and I love the style...simple and fun. She's beautiful, and I very much pick up the feel of fur. Close your eyes and re-look...see what we all see! :-)

    I absolutely love the last sketch too...the one where you're trying out the brush...beautiful expression on the kitty.

  5. I love seeing your new Paintings and sketches! You took the ireland trip class! looking forward to seeing your travels with Laure! i'll check back in!

  6. Aww cute cat! Is the canary worried? Great drawings! can't wait to see what is next...

  7. Thanks everyone for stopping by. I get a lot of encouragement from your comments.

    I'll be posting some of my Ireland pages soon. Class is almost over.

    The canary worries even if I come too close but he is up on top of my bookcase so the cat can't bother him (she could jump up there from my bed but hasn't figured that out I guess).

  8. I LOVE the kitty on red paper! You are such a wonderful artist. :)


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