Friday, March 25, 2011

Odds and Ends

 I've finished this house picture I've worked on at times over the last two years.  I started it before I began using watercolor.  It's in my moleskine journal and I used watercolor pencils which work in that book unlike watercolor.  This is purely imaginary; a fun escape when I wasn't feeling so cheerful. 

The bluish faced creature is me!  This was done as an exercise suggested in the group The Sketchbook Challenge.    This is a blind contour drawing done in white crayon on white paper so you can't see it even if you peek.  I stood in front of a mirror and drew what I saw, then painted over it all with aqua.  The outline showed up but I went back and wiped out as much blue in the face as possible and added more realistic colors.  One person who saw it on flickr
said it looked like I was looking up from under some water
which I think fits.  My eye got a little off to the side and it's
not any great piece but it was fun and I plan to try it again.

The next piece is a bookmark I made after the bigger picture that looks similar.  I did these in Jane Lafazio's style with the bigger one made for a class of hers I am currently taking at Joggles.  This is ink without using pencil first and then adding watercolor.  I got the pink too dark on the large picture so really went lighter on the bookmark.  It looks better.  I'm having fun in this class and if you are wanting a beginner's course in watercolor journaling this might be the ticket for you.  It's fun even if you aren't a total beginner.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. What a happy house! I'd love to visit. Reminds me of a blog I've visited with a fun, painted house and porch. Love what you did with the blind drawing and yes, you do look like you're underater.

  2. I LOVE the house! Can't decide if I'd rather move in or just peek in the windows!

  3. Thanks Tammy. Wouldn't it be fun to see a whole neighborhood of bright houses?

    Robin, thankyou. I'm sure if you peeked inside there would be fun, bright furniture!

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  5. Your sweet little house reminds me of candy—LOVE it! I also love the self-portrait. I love the idea of doing it in white. It always amazes me when it comes out looking ANYTHING like what I was actually looking at so I'd say you've done an awesome job.

  6. Laure, thank you. I like the idea of a candy house!

  7. Love the house! Like Tammy said, it looks so happy, it's good for cheering up people who feel blue! The water effect on your portrait is really neat, it gives a strange impression - interesting work!
    And your bookmark looks great - neat lines, great style!
    I don't blog much these days but once in a while I'm glad to come and see some blogs, and yours is always on my list, for the drawings, but also for the spirit in your words.

  8. Kazumiwannabe, thanks for stopping by. Glad I am on your list of blogs to read!

  9. Oh, I love the house painting! Looks like the perfect place for Genevieve! So cheerful.

  10. When you move into this house, just shout and I'll drop by for a cup of tea. It's perfect and I'm glad you invented it :)

  11. I like your mo-in-law tongue paintings! Nice use of those watercolor pencils ;)
    I always knew these plants as "adder's tongues."
    They are very nicely rendered!

  12. That house is wonderful! I absolutely love it. Didn't you say you would love to paint your own house pink?
    Your self portrait is original with a great story around it. I wouldn't have known it was a blind contour drawing! It does look like you are peeking up from water.
    Your book marks are lovely too. Your work is really, really good. I always enjoy looking!

  13. ...these are really cool. I absolutely love the style of the house. It would make a beautiful "New Home" card (and is something I'd buy). Also makes me think of a happy children's book illustration. Love the idea of the bookmark. You're so brave to do a contour line portrait! I love it...makes me think you're looking out of an iced up window (where you've rubbed just enough frost off to look out).

  14. I'm really enjoying your journal entries - and I particularly like the Mother-in-law's tongue. Once upon a time we used to see these in jardinieres in many people's front parlours!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Nice to 'meet' you. x


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