Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Sun is Out Again!

Nope, I didn't match the title to the picture again. Today is finally sunny after a week of clouds and finally rain. I loved the rain but hated the week of cloudiness. We got enough to water our trees so I am happy. That means water for the well too.

I didn't do anything spectacular to the rest of this page. I really just wanted to let my pear shine. You can see the blotches I mentioned in my earlier post behind the flowers I stamped on the page. Now that I look at it online I'm thinking the white is a bit bright. Maybe I'll go back in and try something else or maybe that will wait for another day. I'm pretty happy overall and ready to do a new page. Hope you are having a sunny day too!


  1. that pear is AWESOME! it totally shines!

  2. I really like your page- very nice.
    As for your question- we don't get tornado's much in East Tennessee since we are located between two mountain ranges. In middle TN they get their share unfortunately.
    We've had sun here too and I've been enjoying it very much.


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