Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Jacqueline Newbold of Art in My Heart just gave me this award. Thankyou Jacqueline! As part of this award I am supposed to tell you seven things about myself. Hmmm... and then I am supposed to pick up to 15 others to pass the award on to. Well I can certainly tell you seven things about myself. Let me think a moment.

1. I am a tea drinker. When everyone around me is drinking beer, wine or soda, I drink iced tea if it's available. Go out for dinner, I want iced tea. My favorite warm up is hot tea although I don't drink it first thing in the morning. Then it's hot coffee. And Lipton tea is my all time favorite. I tried herbals and other brands of black teas but being a person of basic tastes, I now just stick with Lipton.

2. I am one of the few women who hate clothes shopping. I don't even care about fashions. To me, that's a waste of time and effort trying to keep up with what someone else tells me is the "right" style for this season or the "right" color for that one. I wish my daughter would just buy me some basic, good quality clothing and leave me out of the whole process. (She's beginning to get that idea and I get clothes as gifts :).)

3. I have four dogs who I love dearly but someday, instead of a shelter or mistreated dog, I want to have the tiniest poodle and I want to color it's hair pink.

4. I want to have a brightly painted house. One that everyone in the neighborhood says "oh, no, we have a hippie living here" kind. I want to combine pink, purple, yellow, turquoise and red somehow. It might get to be a bit toned down but I may just do brighter colors although not in their primary deepness. I can't do it now because my husband doesn't want it but someday...

5. I cut my own hair. I've cut it for probably the last 35 years. I didn't get good haircuts when I paid for them so I just do my own. Sometimes I do better than at other times, lol, but so far I haven't had to hide indoors to let it grow out.

6. Popcorn is my favorite snack and just plain oil and salt is my favorite way of having it. I am thinking of buying some sea salt to see if that is better. I don't eat it quite as often as I once did (almost every day) due to a little problem with weight gain because when I eat it, I eat a huge bowlful (think big mixing bowl). I share some with the dogs but I eat at least 2/3 all by myself. I am not super heave but I can no longer eat absolutely all I want without gaining some weight.

7. I lived for two years in Sasebo, Japan while my husband was stationed there in the U.S. navy. While others took off to Korea or Hong Kong for clothes shopping, I stayed and toured a ceramic factory where I got to paint with glaze on a tea cup, a sake factory where I couldn't drink the vile stuff given to me so the woman who took me got to drink everyone's including mine, a pearl farm, a Samurai home now museum and a traditional family home where we climbed stairs down the hillside into a bamboo forest which felt like being in a beautiful cathedral.
I also got to go to a kimono show (like a fashion show) where I saw kimonos that cost upwards of $20,000 or more. They were hand-dyed, hand-stitched and embroidered. Very beautiful. I participated in a tea ceremony and basically just enjoyed my stay thoroughly.

Well now I am to list some new people to pass this award on to. I know many people don't like to participate in these so I am going to point you to some blogs you might enjoy. These are either new, underexposed or interesting. And if these bloggers want to pass on the award great, if not I totally understand.

1. A new blogger, Elizabeth Rose Stanton of Penspaper Studio.

2. Robin who is in a group and class with me whose blog I have been enjoying called Pink House Studio

3. Kelly who draws, paints and photographs nature, especially birds and is found at Red and the Peanut

4. Anne Huskey-Lockard who makes delightful mixed-media art and has a predilection for rust and found objects can be found at El Milagro Studio

5. Dan Kent who does pen and ink sketches, watercolor and tells such great stories. He can be found at Dan's Canvas

6. Laure Ferlita who I talk about all the time here but besides teaching watercolor journaling through her Imaginary Trips but also has an interesting blog at Painted Thoughts Blog

7. Jennifer Edwards a wonderful watercolorist and blogger who just started a new blog to record the happenings of Genevieve at Drawn2Be
but check out her old blog too at Drawn2Life

These ought to be enough to show you something new and interesting. Have fun looking around at these blogs.

Now, if the bloggers mentioned above want to pass on the award, you do it by copying the picture of the award and pasting it on your blog. Link back to the one who awarded it to you. Then you tell seven things about yourself and list links to up to 15 blogs you want to pass the award on to.
That's it and its interesting to find out something about bloggers we admire but don't feel you have to do this. There should be total freedom and ease in blogging.


  1. You are SO thoughtful to have mentioned me. I really appreciate it! I love your "7 things about you." Especially the tea (I am a fan of Lipton loose tea) and dogs (I have one) and popcorn (love it). Thanks again! :)

  2. OH! And CONGRATULATIONS on the AWARD! Awesome!

  3. A pink poodle! that sounds fun. great post and congratulations! I checked out the salt and it is so cool that it is sold as a block. that would be a new one for my table!

  4. Congratulations on the award! And thank you so much for passing it on! I’m tickled PINK! And very appreciative!

  5. How super cool! Thank you Ms. Timaree! I have to say that it is well deserved as you have a wonderful blog! I enjoyed getting to know you a little bit better as well—I find it interesting that all of your dogs are "rescues." So are ours.

  6. Oh my gosh, Timaree!!!! Thank you!!! You are so nice...and I love your blog! You are so full of energy and color...and fun! Thank you, again!

  7. Interesting stuff!
    Hey, you asked about colored pencil books that I liked. Here are some good ones:
    Masterful Color - Steinberg
    Painting Light w/CP - Baird
    Colored Pencil Solution Bk - Gildow
    Capturing Soft REalism in CP - Kuhlberg
    Creating TExtures in CP - Greene

  8. Timaree- you and I have a few more things in common: a love of Lipton tea, a distaste for clothes shopping, and I too cut my own hair. Actually, Jeff cuts the parts I can't and I cut his- we have for years.
    I think it's so neat that you were in Japan. I'm sure your heart goes out to the people there during this time.


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